Welcome, beautiful soul.

So glad you are here.

This is a place for you to breathe and finally choose your sanity over their approval and control...

We have affordable daily recovery support calls, which take place 365 days a year at 8:00 pm Eastern Time US.

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until you feel like more than a shell of who you desire to be. Go ahead and click now if you want to. In the menu you'll click the word "Connect" and then you can click "Join Daily Calls". If you do, I will be seeing you soon. And if you do not, not to worry, I will still be right here. Everything I have will still be right here. I am not going anywhere and the support I am offering will be here for you whenever you are ready. Please know one thing today, in case this is the only time I ever get a moment with you.... The one thing I want you to know is "You deserve to finally heal."

You or someone you know deserves happiness. You or someone you know deserves peace. You or someone you know deserves to feel like their life has a meaning and a purpose.
That is all. No tupperware. No guilt. No pressure. No shame... no more shame. Period.
Oh, and also - you will find a ton of free resources here created especially with you in mind.

You have made a great choice today even if we never meet again.

Clicking here on this website, seeking to educate yourself about how to heal from complex trauma is a big step forward in your new life.

A life free from abuse and pain and loneliness and shame. This is a place where you will find the very best...


for adult survivors of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking (All forms of abuse, including Narcissistic Abuse and other forms of emotional and psychological abuse)

Perhaps you or someone you love was sexually abused as a child and is wondering how and why they are still struggling in relationships years and even decades later... you will find rest for your soul here within the safe community I have helped build...

You will also find over 300 hours of free videos

free written resources


created especially for you

Because You Are Worth It

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I appreciate your support - just your being here is validating and encouraging.

Join our private community where you'll have instant access to what you need to finally heal from the days or decades of abuse you endured.

I truly understand how painful healing can be.

Breathe deeply and please, take your time.

You are not alone on this recovery journey...

Love always,

ps... you may send me a private email or voice message below if you feel safe sharing your truth with a survivor and trauma-informed advocate who truly understands.

pps...by reading this you are agreeing to always contact a licensed medical or mental health care professional or dial your local emergency number whenever you are in crisis. #BecauseYouAreWorthIt

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Always reach out to a licensed healthcare professional when you are in crisis or dial 911.

I appreciate your support more than you will ever know.
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