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fearless introspection is the way we effect change.

Athena Moberg, June 2020

Trauma-Informed Education and Consultation™ for Mental Health Professionals and Adult Survivors of Developmental Trauma

Athena Moberg sitting on the couch, in the living room, drinking coffee, working on the computer, Maui, Hawaii, circa 2014

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For Mental Health Professionals

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Dear Therapist, Counselor, Social Worker, Healthcare Worker, Trauma-Informed Superhero, everything you find here, including links to the foundation I started for post-traumatic healing and complex trauma research, all of it was created with you in mind. CPTSD Learning Center™, Daily Recovery Support™, and all programs offered to the mental health community are a culmination of my life’s work. My body of work was crafted especially for trauma-informed helping professionals and their patients with a history of ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences – who are now living with post-traumatic stress & presenting with c-PTSD symptoms. 

Many of my private clients are helping professionals like you who have done their work in the room. They are 100% committed to their recovery and are healing daily from Codependency, Negative Self Image, Affect Regulation, Anxiety, OCD, Disordered Eating, Dissociation and PTSD symptoms complicated by Childhood Emotional Neglect, Exploitation and Toxic or Narcissistic Family Systems, including when Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trafficking was a contributing factor.

All one-on-one work is done in tandem with treatment centers, IOPs, doctors, and clinicians. I will not take on private clients who have not engaged in their own individual trauma therapy with a licensed mental health professional.

Are your patients feeling emotionally dysregulated between appointments?

Do you wish your adult patients with a history of childhood abuse had more group support between therapy appointments–when they are not in your office?

Of course, you do. You know how crucial it is for your clients who are adult survivors of ongoing child abuse to have the extra support of a safe peer group during those seasons of their trauma recovery journey when the nights are long and getting through the day seems out of reach.

You want the very best for them and for all of your complex trauma patients every single day of the year 366 days a year.

Even on all National Holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, Boxing Day, New Years.

How about on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day when your clients are struggling a little extra due to their complicated grief surrounding family-of-origin and their unique childhood trauma history?

And THIS is where I come in.

Your clients are guaranteed to be warmly welcomed today and every day where we host trauma-informed Daily Recovery Support™ calls in a safe group atmosphere. The cost for our daily, live, interactive group calls is $50 per month. If you need a sliding scale for multiple clients, please message my team and we will always do our very best to accommodate your individual needs for your private or group practice.

* If you or your adult patients are in need of a professional consult, please fill out the contact form.

* If you or your adult patients are in need of affordable ancillary services to support and aid in the healing from developmental trauma and ongoing child abuse, CPTSD Foundation’s daily, interactive, trauma-informed peer support calls can aid in and augment the unique healing journeys associated with overcoming Codependency, Negative Self Image, Affect Regulation, Anxiety, OCD, Disordered Eating, Dissociation and PTSD symptoms complicated by Childhood Emotional Neglect, Exploitation and Toxic or Narcissistic Family Systems, including when Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trafficking was a contributing factor.

You and your patients deserve Daily Recovery Support™ between therapy appointments. 

Many of my private clients are like you–trauma-informed therapists in need of a sacred safe space to just be… without the fear of being judged as an imposter because they are still doing the sacred work.

THAT is who I am. That is what I love to provide.

Let’s collaborate. Reach out today. I look forward to connecting with you. 


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For My Fellow Adult Survivors of Developmental & Complex Trauma

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Beautiful Person, Brave Soul, Fellow Traveler… I just wanted to take a moment to say how strong and brave you are. Really. You are. It takes a lot of courage to be on this journey of yours… scouring the internet for hours at a time, in hopes of finding some semblance of peace in this world you’ve been navigating for so long. Even though you are weary, you are here. You are HERE. You have persevered. Even when you felt like giving up. You didn’t. Well done. You deserve the best. I am right beside you and I am very proud of you.

I also want to sincerely say, “Thank you…”

Thank you for being on this journey toward peace and wholeness with me.

Many of us have longed for connectedness… perhaps for our entire lives.

Finally, we get to the opportunity to experience the validating and destigmatizing support a safe community has to offer.

I am here to support you. I’ve spent several years building a community where you can choose to receive support–if and when you feel safe.

Did you know you are the reason I show up every week on videos?

Did you know you are the reason I show up every day on live, interactive, group support calls?

You are the reason I record audio notes every day, sharing my own healing and trauma recovery process. It’s just my process… but I do it joyfully because each time I dare to use my voice even when I feel scared of what people might think… each time I speak up… someone like you sends me an audio message or sends me an email and lets me know I have helped them to find their own voice.

My courage gave them courage.

I will lend you my courage when you’re feeling wobbly.

Have you lost faith in the universe as a result of all you’ve seen and endured? Me too, I have been there. I promise it gets better.

Are you looking for rest? Peace?

Are you looking for connectedness? Community?

Are you looking for permission? Permission to be you…

I am here and I care.

As a gesture of gratitude, a “thank you” for being a subscriber, viewer, listener, or just an awesome survivor… I am gifting you with complimentary access to an entire library of hundreds of Trauma-Informed Written Resources. Feel free to print them, put them in a notebook, use them for as long as you need. I am grateful to be able to share these with you.  

What is the biggest struggle in your complex trauma recovery journey?

Whatever it is, you are not alone.

You are not alone. Not anymore. 

What topics do you want me to record videos and audios about?

Remember, there are hundreds of free articles waiting for you. To help you feel better. To feel less alone. To heal or find peace.

This is your next step after visiting me here today:

Two things. 

1). Take a peek over at the free library of Trauma-Informed Resources. If you see a topic I have not touched on, please send me an email now and let me know. It does not have to be a long email. It can just be a few words letting me know your request. 

2). If you see a topic I have already written about or recorded a video about, and you would like me to delve deeper into it, just send an email and let me know you’d like information on affordable resources, including daily, live, interactive calls, or maybe you’d like to join my dear friend Sabra and a very friendly group for our weekly healing book club, online courses, guides, and more.

I truly look forward to hearing from you personally and supporting you on your journey towards peace and wholeness.

All my love and (((safe hugs)))

P.S. While there is a six-month wait for all of my one-on-one support, you are very welcome to join me today and every single day–even major holidays–every single day–on a Daily Recovery Support™ call.

P.P.S. I also send out one encouraging text message a day to our community. If you would like to receive one encouraging text message per day from me, it would be wonderful to connect with you:)